Ash Lo Russo

Ash is a Motion Designer based in Toronto, ON. In 2015, she founded an animation collective called "The RotoJam Collective." A total of 67 animators have been part of a team that created 6 short films together. In the past 5 years, the short films have been in 21 film festivals worldwide: Canada, South Korea, Spain, USA, Italy, Greece, China, Russia, Hungary, and the United Kingdom. Their 4th short film also won Best Animation Award at the 300 Second Film Festival.

She is also a "Synesthete." Her goal in her personal work is to visualize the sound she sees when she listens to her favourite music. One day, she would love to create stage design for concerts so audiences can enjoy a full audio + visual experience. 


Ash has a focus on collaboration, levelling up a variety of skills and supporting her network of artists/colleagues. 

"Work hard, create what you love, and don't forget it's a marathon."


ash lorusso triagle animation
Ash Lo Russo Hexagon Animation.gif