Ash Lo Russo is an indie film director, video editor, and motion designer currently based in Toronto, Canada. She is the founder of the animation collective "RotoJam."

Ash has an undergraduate degree in Integrated Media from OCAD (2015), where she focused on video editing, short film productions, post-production workflows, audio-visual installations, sound design, and animation. After finishing her studies, she worked as a Digital Design Technician in the Toronto Innovation Hubs and as a Lab Technologist at District 3 Innovation Centre. Simultaneously, she built an animation collective that went on to create 6 short films together:

· Gaea, 2020
· Ethereal, 2019
· RotoJam: Spring ‘17, 2017
· RotoJam 3, 2016
· RotoJam: Winter Edition, 2016
· RotoJam: Ballet Noir, 2015

RotoJam has a total of 67 international animators. Their short films have been in 23 film festivals worldwide: Canada, South Korea, Spain, USA, Italy, Greece, China, Russia, Hungary, and the United Kingdom. Their 4th short film also won Best Animation Award at the 300 Second Film Festival.

Currently, she is working full-time at Imaginism Studios as a video editor/content creator. Her work includes video editing the Iain McCaig Artist Workout Series on, LightBox Expo videos (2019), artist trailers, youtube videos and more secret projects.

Ash cares about high quality, time-efficiency and her relationships with her peers.